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Powerline Foundation Construction

Xtreme Drilling's experience and reputation in heliportable operations has lead us into assisting powerline construction companies in completing foundation work where traditional methods of running heavy equipment up and down the right-of-way are not acceptable anymore. Xtreme’s modified heliportable drilling equipment and experience in difficult areas is the solution to get the job done.

As more regulation regarding land disturbance by BLM, Forest Service, State lands, Conservation Boards and even the private land owner are being imposed on the industry, Xtreme has a solution to get the foundation work completed using low impact drilling methods. Xtreme’s responsibility to the project area is to have virtually zero impact to the environment and surroundings.

Xtreme Drilling are absolute experts in heliportable and low impact drilling operations with unparalleled experience and knowledge to ensure our clients receive a safe and professional service.

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