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Geophysical Drilling

Xtreme Drilling is a geophysical “shothole” drilling company, specializing in the exploration of oil and gas using advanced low impact heliportable drilling methods and technologies on adverse mountainous or inaccessible and sensitive areas. To compliment the fleet of helipotable drills, Xtreme has four low impact rubber track Morooka drills. These drills work great in flat ground and rolling hill environments where heliportable is not feasible.

Many areas currently being explored are located in mountains and foothills, ecologically sensitive areas, national forest and BLM lands, marches, badlands and grasslands which low impact exploration is necessary. Xtreme’s responsibility to the project area is to have virtually have zero impact to the environment and surroundings.

Xtreme Drilling are absolute experts in heliportable and low impact drilling operations with unparalleled experience and knowledge to ensure our clients receive a safe and professional service.

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