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Heliportable Drilling Experts 


Geophysical Drilling

Xtreme Drilling is a geophysical “shothole” drilling company, specializing in the exploration of oil and gas using advanced low impact heliportable drilling methods and technologies on adverse mountainous or inaccessible and sensitive areas. To compliment the fleet of helipotable drills, Xtreme has low impact rubber track Morooka drills. These drills work great in flat ground and rolling hill environments where heliportable is not feasible.

Many areas currently being explored are located in mountains, foothills, ecologically sensitive areas, national forests, BLM lands, marshes, badlands and grasslands which requires low impact exploration. Xtreme’s responsibility to the project area is to virtually have zero impact to the environment and surroundings.

Xtreme Drilling are absolute experts in heliportable and low impact drilling operations with unparalleled experience and knowledge to ensure our clients receive a safe and professional service.

Powerline Foundation Construction

Xtreme Drilling’s reputation in heliportable operations has lead us into assisting powerline construction companies in completing foundation work where traditional methods of running heavy equipment up and down the right-of-way are not acceptable anymore. Xtreme’s modified heliportable drilling equipment and experience in difficult areas is the solution to get the job done.

As more regulation regarding land disturbance by BLM, Forest Service, State lands, Conservation Boards and even the private land owner are being imposed on the industry, Xtreme has a solution to get the foundation work completed using low impact drilling methods. Xtreme’s responsibility to the project area is to have virtually have zero impact to the environment and surroundings.

Xtreme Drilling are absolute experts in heliportable and low impact drilling operations with unparalleled experience and knowledge to ensure our clients receive a safe and professional service.


Seis-Port Services, LLC is a wholly owned division of Xtreme Drilling, LLC. Seis-Port is a provider of transportation services for a wide range of items, from small to large hauls such as oil & gas equipment, seismic equipment, construction equipment and materials, farm equipment and more. Seis-Port has flatbed, drop-deck, and low-boy trailer options to get your load to its destination in a safe and timely fashion anywhere in the lower 48 States and Alaska.

Seis-Port base is located in Dacono, Colorado. Its facility is ten large acres of fenced secure space with a shop and office. Temporary storage is available if needed for your products or equipment.

Seis-Port Services delivers unparalleled experience and knowledge in trucking to ensure our clients receive a safe and professional service.



Typical training requirements for Xtreme employees
Sampling of Audits and Procedures in Place

Xtreme Drilling is dedicated to providing a safe work environment for its employees and clients. Our proactive approach to safety, quality and the environment makes us the leader and model of the specialty drilling industry.

Xtreme provides a dedicated and experienced QHSE professional on each project we undertake and pride ourselves in the open communication we enjoy with our clients.

We provide extensive safety and environmental training to all employees with ongoing updates and revisions as we constantly are undertaking new challenges and requirements on each project we do.

Safety Policies and Procedures
  • CPR

  • First Aid

  • Explosives Safety

  • Helicopter Safety

  • Emergency Response

  • New Employee Orientation

  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness

  • HazCom | HazMat

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Spill Cleanup

  • Journey Management

  • Slips, Trips & Falls

  • Fire Safety

  • H2S Awareness

  • Snake Awareness | Bear Awareness

  • Poisonous Plants Awareness

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

  • Back Safety

  • Lock Out / Tag Out

  • Chain Saw Safety

  • JSA / JHA

  • Back-up Policy

  • Defensive Driving

  • Terrain Awareness

  • Job Hazard Assessment

  • Equipment Audits

  • Vehicle Audits

  • Magazine Audits

  • LZ / Staging Site Audits

  • Hazard and Near Miss Matrix

  • Morning Safety Meetings

  • Vehicle Journey Management

  • Daily Personnel Check In

  • Daily Hazard and Near Miss Cards

  • New Employee Mentoring Program

  • Injury Management Program

  • Accident Reporting

Xtreme maintains a comprehensive safety program with extensive documentation and auditing to insure the best safe practices and procedures for all employees.

Drilling SAFETY Regulation at Xtreme Drilling


Geophysical Drilling
Heli Portable Drill
Xtreme Drilling Heli Portable Drilling
Marooka h
Pole Foundation Construction
flatbed t02
lb w jd backhoe
Marooka i
Low Boy w.vibe
t02 . flatbed
T01.low boy w jd250
lb w.jd250
Track Rig


Many of the areas currently being explored are located in the mountains and foothills, ecologically sensitive areas, coastal marshes, national forests, deserts, grasslands or badlands, and wildlife study areas. Xtreme's virtual zero impact makes these sensitive areas accessible for exploration.

Xtreme's highly organized operations allow for the drilling equipment to be inserted and removed with minimal impact on the environment.

Xtreme's ability to explore these sensitive areas with very minimal impact on the environment makes us the leader in responsible environmental management for oil and gas exploration and powerline construction.

ABOUT Xtreme Drilling
Images of Drilling Rigs, Powerline Pyle Drilling
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